Digital growth is a result of visibility, relevance and trust.
Social Media Marketing is not a hobby.
If you want your customers fall in love with your brand, you must love them first.
They might forget your slogan, but they will never forget how you made them feel
it takes a minute to set-up a social media profile. it takes years of hard work to build a strong community
Brand trust is earned through value, not a new logo
Marketing should be about impact, not reach
We live in a marketing world of copy&pase. its your chance. be different. be brave. accept the risk. win.
good marketers care about numbers. great marketers care about people.
the best marketing strategy is to keep the promises you make.
Chasing likes is a waste of time.
the more we focus on the number of likes we get, the less we focus on the relationships we could build.
we are often too busy winning new clients to care enough about the existing ones.
stop collecting numbers of fans like you need to hit a high score. digital marketing is a people business. never forget that.