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The Three Pillars Of Digital Brand Success

The three pillars that in my opinion determine whether a company establishes a sustainable and successful digital brand are VISIBILITY, RELEVANCE and TRUST.

You will find many companies and organisations that are very successful in reaching a huge audience but have difficulties in establishing trust. Keeping your brand relevant in the fast changing digital environment is harder than ever before.

It is therefore very important to understand that relevance and trust isn’t a by-product of being visible. It’s something a company needs to build up and gain through the value it creates.

Your new blog article isn’t a guarantee for more visibility.

Just because you are an expert in your space doesn’t mean that you are relevant.

5.000 Fans on Facebook doesn’t mean that you established trust in the market.

Ask yourself:

How do we become more visible to potential customers?

How do we gain more relevance within the market?

How do we establish more trust for our digital brand?

You will see that there is no answer that fits all. Each pillar needs to be addressed individually.

Setting up the fundamentals (C.I., brand message, etc.) for your brand is the “easy” part.

But making sure that you become and remain a visible, relevant and trusted brand is the hardest part. And it’s something you need to develop and keep up with in the long-term.


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