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Start Selling The ‘Why’

Everyone is in sales mode. 24/7.

You’re selling your skills in your job, selling your products or services as a business owner and your personal brand on a platform like Instagram.

What’s important to understand, and there is no difference in selling online or offline: It doesn’t matter what you are selling, it matters why you are selling it.

So many salespeople still don’t understand that their customers make their purchase decisions based on the ‘why’.

It’s the ‘why’ you should ask yourself:

Why is my product or service worth the price?

Why do I deliver more value than my competition?

Why am I the best candidate for this job position?

Why should someone buy something from my company?

Why should someone trust me?

…and many more ‘why’ questions to ask.

No rocket-science. It’s simple.

It’s the product I like, the price I accept but it’s the ‘why’ that influences my purchase decision the most.

“Cool product, decent price but why do I actually need it?”

The ‘why’ makes the difference.

And defining clear answers for the ‘why’ will help you to optimize your sales strategy long-term.

Online and offline.


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