As one of europe's leading experts for digital strategy, marketing and growth, Lucas Hoffmann will leave your audience empowered, motivated and entertained. He keynotes conferences, speaks at corporate events and is also available for fireside sessions and Q&A's. Lucas Hoffmann presents in English or German.

Get in touch with Lucas' team via 'letstalk@lucashoffmann.com' for further information or call +43.699.1131.6335.

"On behalf of our Chair for Social Media and Data Science from Uni Potsdam, we would like to thank Lucas for visiting us and sharing his fascinating insights with our students! Everybody was really impressed by Lucas' vast knowledge and hands-on experience, and also by the motivational manner of the talk! The 90-minute session was very inspiring and encouraging. It was great having you here, and our students and us are really looking forward to future events!" - Prof. Dr. Hanna Krasnova

"...from high school internet enthusiast to one of the most prominent experts in the field." - betahaus Academy

"Captivating and inspiring! Lucas Hoffmann passes on his in-depth know-how in a distinctive way. He is great lecturer!" - Nils Maydell, CEO M2MAYDELL



Social Media Marketing

MORE THAN JUST A LIKE: Successful social media marketing ist MORE THAN JUST A LIKE.

MORE THAN JUST A LIKE: Erfolgreiches Social Media Marketing ist MEHR ALS NUR EIN LIKE.

Influence Is The New Reach: Turn your customers into fans and your fans into brand ambassadors.

Influence Is The New Reach: So werden Ihre Kunden zu Fans und Ihre Fans zu Markenbotschaftern.


TRUST SELLS!: Strategies on how to build trust and win customers in a digital world.

TRUST SELLS!: So etablieren Sie Vertrauen und begeistern Kunden in der digitalen Welt.

The Era Of Review Marketing: Four stars are not enough. 

The Era Of Review Marketing: Vier Sterne reichen nicht. 

Consumer Behaviour

H2H - Human2Human: The new formula for digital customer retention.

H2H - Human2Human: Die neue Formel für digitale Kundenbindung.

Sell No More!: Brand trust is earned through value, not a new logo.

Sell No More!: Markenvertrauen entsteht durch Mehrwert, nicht durch das neue Logo.

Digital Marketing

Data vs. Human: Growth in times of bits and bytes, shares and likes.

Data vs. Human: Wachstum in Zeiten von Bits und Bytes, Shares und Likes.

The Digital Marketing Transformation: The future is NOW.

The Digital Marketing Transformation: Die Zukunft ist JETZT.

The BIG 7: Trends, risks and opportunities. 

The BIG 7: Trends, Risiken und Chancen.

All speaking topics can be tailored to industries such as media, banking/finance, insurance, automotive, health, technology and more.

Alle Speaking Themen können auf bestimmte Branchen und deren Anforderungen angepasst werden. Branchen wie Medien, Banken, Versicherungen, Automobil, Gesundheit, Technologie und viele mehr.