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Offline Research For Online Success

I am not a big fan of shopping.

But no surprise, my wife is.

Last week, we went for some christmas shopping. Crowded stores and everyone’s rushing. Typical christmas shopping madness.

Long story short, we went to a fashion store and I decided to wait in the entrance area of that store to make some phone calls.

After fifteen minutes standing there and observing people, I quickly got an idea on how a typical client of that store looks like.

Age and gender.

If you look where people went shopping before, what bags they carry with them, you can also get an idea of what brands and products they like and the amount of income they might get.

It was very interesting to see who entered the store as a potential client and who left the store as a paying client.

As digital marketing strategist I do a lot of market research, create buyer personas. etc.


But you can also learn a lot about your potential customers - offline.

The customers are the same. Today they buy online, tomorrow they buy in a store.

Never forget that.

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