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Metrics That (Don’t) Matter


There is a saying, “What can be measured can be improved”.

When we improve something, it usually gets better and eventually more people are willing to buy/use it.

But how do we know what kind of metrics really matter?

What does a five star review really mean?

Should we measure click-through or conversion rates?

What is a subscriber really worth?

What pays our bills? 50 Likes or 20 Shares?

Should we concentrate on maximizing the convenient numbers that already grow or focus on what is still missing?

The whole numbers and metrics thing isn't about being precise and accurate.

It is about measuring the right numbers. Gaining insights and then improving things that will lead to the right numbers. But what kind of numbers are "right"?

Metrics that really affect the business, the growth, the reach, the interaction.

What works for me won’t necessarily work for you.

Spend more time

  1. understanding the right metrics
  2. identifying what really affects the business
  3. classifying what to track in the future.

Numbers don’t lie.

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