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How To Kill Your Social Media Brand

Establishing a brand is hard enough. Especially on social media.

Destroying things is much easier and more convenient.

Plus: Why should “How to’s” only show how to build, grow or establish something.

According to the Q3 Sprout Social Index, this is what you need to do to successfully kill your social media brand:

1. Over-promote

2. Share irrelevant information

3. Tweet too much

4. Make sure you use a jargon/slang that doesn’t fit to your brand

5. Stay inactive

6. Don't respond to messages

AND of course 7. make sure your brand is embarrassing!

Here are the stats:



My advice:

Ignore the preferences of your potential customers.

Ignore what they want.

Ignore what they need and just keep pushing promotional ^%#^@.

P.S.: On the other hand you could try to gain more insights on what your customers really want and match your content to their needs. It might work.

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