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Being First Is Not Enough

“I developed a fantastic marketing strategy. I have great ideas and a brand-new concept. But hey…let’s analyse and observe the competition first. What do they do? Let’s wait for the proof that it could work.”

The reality: Being first is great but not enough.

You need to move. End of story.

The early bird catches the worm because the bird moves first.

There is no way you will gain first-mover advantage by analysing, observing and waiting for the proof.

How many companies are still waiting for the proof that LIVE videos have a huge impact? You too? Everyone is watching the few companies that actually implement it and then we all say: “Look, I always told you … it works.”

The moment you said this sentence is the moment you already lost the advantage.

It’s easier, safer and less risk to not move. I get it.

But that is the reason why the reward is so high for the companies that actually get out there and tap into the unknown. They are first with having an idea and then they do what most other companies are afraid of: they move.


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