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Be Personal … Sales Will Follow

Who likes to communicate with logos?

Humans prefer to communicate with ... Humans.

No surprise!

Nevertheless, many companies still do not know how to integrate a personal touch into their communication.

It doesn’t mean that every CEO has to become the personal brand of the company. If it fits, jackpot!

In most cases, however, a "P.S." in the Facebook post or Newsletter makes a big difference.

"P.S. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your XXXX XXXX"

No video. No interview. No blog article. No personal branding.

Only a “P.S.” which symbolizes the user, fan, follower, customer, that one cares. Nothing creates more trust. And trust sells!

Small gestures, like a hand-signed, new-customer newsletter, make a difference.

Ask yourself today: What can you do today so that your customers feel looked after?

P.S. #bepersonalsaleswillfollow

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