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Are you still looking for the "perfect" wording, the "perfect" image, the "perfect" video, the "perfect" slogan, the perfect marketing campaign ...?

Don’t strive for perfection. It’s perfection that slows down growth of many companies.

At the end there is only one question left: WHAT is actually "perfect"?

“Perfect” for my brand, my community, my company, my goals, my digital marketing strategy.

In my opinion there are successful campaigns, interesting articles, innovative ideas, exciting personalities, but no "perfect" marketing strategy.

Each potential target audience is different, each community has different demands, wishes, concerns as well as different buying behavior.

There is no formula, recipe for digital marketing success.

However, if you want to go the extra mile, be better than the competition, you have to put ACTION before PERFECTION.

Action triggers feedback. Feedback helps you improve.

No data, no insights! Insight in what works ... and what doesn’t.

If you create and experiment you’ll make mistakes. No matter what. And that’s alright, because only those who make mistakes learn faster than anyone else.


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