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5 Quick Content Ideas That Will Bring A Breath Of Fresh Air Into Your Content Mix

The social media and content environment is more dynamic than ever. Reinventing the content strategy over and over again drives many companies to the edge of content madness. 💥

In many cases it’s a lack of ideas that holds companies back.

Today I want to share 5 quick content ideas that will bring a breath of fresh air into your content mix:

1. Turn a blog post into a video: Videos achieve 135% more organic reach than images (Social Bakers). So why not create a 15-second teaser video for your post? Tools like Lumen5 can help you.

2. Go LIVE: Hardly any other format is currently as in focus as LIVE videos. No wonder! Not only the additional push for organic reach make this format so interesting, it is the authenticity that goes with the format. Tip: Use LIVE videos for more behind-the-scenes content.

3. Content Swap: New buzzword? Rather a fantastic way to reach a new target audience. For a content swap, 2 companies (whose target groups have similar preferences) regularly post the content of each other. The advantage: You have fresh content for your community and the reach effect that the other company generates for you. Already a company in mind for a collaboration?

4. Start a survey: The best marketing ideas come straight from your customers. So why not ask your fans, followers and customers for feedback? A survey on Facebook, Twitter and Co. not only gives you new insights, but also shows: your opinion matters!

5. Share your success stories: Many companies are still too “shy” to share their success stories! A milestone, a new customer (if you’re allowed to mention) or daily success stories. These things build trust in your service! Why not share it?

There are so many formats to discover! But most importantly, these formats need to be tailored to the preferences and expectations of your community. At the end of the day the content is for your fans and followers, as well as potential and existing customers. Your content should inform, entertain and establish trust in your company!

What content formats are you testing right now? 📝

Share your experience with me!

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