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10 Quick Instagram Marketing „Tips“

Instagram Stories. Business account. Instagram got a lot more dynamic ... which is great.

I love it! To be honest, Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms.

Let me share 10 quick tips with you (actually they are more basics, hints, something like that).

Include a link in your bio: It is actually the only place where you can share the link to your website, product,...! Use it.

Create a business account: A call to action, in-depth statistics and many more functions are waiting for you.

Run Instagram contests: They can increase brand awareness, get you more followers and build up your reach.

Figure out what works best: Monitor and analyze your posts in terms of engagement and overall performance.

Leverage Instagram Stories: Share behind-the-scenes and real-time content with your community.

Repost on Facebook: A BuzzSumo study found that pictures posted to Facebook receive more engagement that natively published ones.

Be consistent: Yes, I need to share this again and again. Consistency is key, no matter what you do.

Share exclusive content: Use Instagram as a hub for exclusive content you won’t share on any other social media platform.

Connect with influencers: Try to collaborate with users that already built a community. Same target audience is a plus.

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Bonus: Be authentic, connect with the right people, build your community, stay relevant and make some magic happen.

What are you waiting for?

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